Our Name and Logo

Our name

CSI stands for Catalysis Services International. Legally, we are an EOOD, which is the Bulgarian equivalent of a Limited.

  • Catalysis is the phenomenon that a chemical reaction can be accelerated (“promoted”) and lead to different products by an agent that is itself not consumed in this chemical reaction. We prefer the meaning of the Japanese translation of this word, shokubai, which also means marriage broker. We want to be a company that brings two partners together, promote their cooperation and lead them to the desired product. Of course it also refers to the area of chemistry that we started our careers in and that we have most experience with.
  • Services indicates that we want to restrict ourselves to mediation between our customers and Bulgarian research institutes and promote their cooperation. We do not intend to conduct research ourselves (just manage it), nor are we interested in becoming a chemical industry.
  • International indicates that we consider the whole world our market. We concentrate on contacting Western European industries with Bulgarian research institutes, but will not limit ourselves to either of these geographical areas.

Our logo

CSI LogoThe left part of our logo shows a potential energy diagram with which the phenomenon of catalysis is often explained. The uncatalysed route by which a chemical reaction can proceed from the reactants on the left to the products on the right is represented by the high green energy mountain. What a catalyst does is to offer an alternative, easier, route through the mountain by splitting the reaction into two steps with lower energy tops. These are represented by the red and white mountains. CSI wants to do the same: to offer an alternative route by which the outsourcing of research to Bulgarian research institutes requires less energy and is made easier. The colors are those of the Bulgarian flag, showing our connection to this country.

By our slogan we want to express that we want to promote the good relationship (chemistry) between industries and Bulgarian research institutes and lead them to the right product. We believe there is a base for good chemistry between our customers and our partners, so the laws of thermodynamics are with us.