When CSI

By outsourcing research projects to CSI, the advantages of outsourcing to a low-wage country are combined with those of outsourcing to a professional research company. CSI provides professional R&D management and fast results at low variable costs and no fixed costs.

We believe that CSI is an attractive target for the expansion of your research capacity especially for:

  • medium-length projects (6 months – 2 years) with a well-defined target and without the need for much special advance know-how. This will guarantee that useful results are obtained, and that the start-up time is minimised.
  • research work that is labour-intensive as well as brain-intensive, such as the collection of a large number of high-precision data that requires skilled workers. In this case the cost advantage will be largest.
  • short-term feasibility studies (3-12 months), to try out new ideas that your present R&D organisation does not have the capacity to test and that are too risky to justify investment in increased capacity. Of the many ideas generated in your company, only a limited number can be investigated for their commercial interest. Using CSI’s services, the number of ideas that can be investigated can be increased at low costs, thereby increasing the chance of finding commercially successful ones. Once the commercial interest of an idea has been confirmed by CSI’s researcher partners, your company could take over and develop it into a commercial product.
  • other short term projects (as little as a few weeks) where CSI can assist you with facilities that are not available in your own organisation. This could for instance be additional manpower, equipment you do not have available in your lab, or skills/knowledge that you need to develop a new product but do not have in-house.